Why should you become
a localistars translator?

Our goal is to provide a platform that removes the tedious parts of translations.

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The fastest way to offer translations.

That's why should you become a localistars translator!

Are you a freelance translator or a translation agency, then localistars is for you!

  • Direct Contact
  • No risk
  • Invoicing
  • Get paid
  • Find new clients with ease
  • Keep the overview
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    Direct Contact

    localistars is about you. You're in direct contact with the client – it's your task, you hold the reins. In contrast to other services we DON'T set the price and therefore we DON'T forward the contract to the cheapest translator to maximize our own profit. You make an offer, it's your client – all we ask for is a small service fee on success to cover our own costs (transactions, currency exchange and development).

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    No risk

    We only charge you a small service fee on successful payment. No hidden costs.

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    No need to waste time writing invoices. It's all done automatically and VAT-compliant. You can download the documents for your accounting anytime. Focus on your job – not on bookkeeping.

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    Get paid

    A project has to be funded by your client upfront. We hold back the money until the job is done and the client approves the translations. Then we'll transfer the sum to your account.

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    Find new clients with ease

    More time to do the meaningful work, less time wasted on searching and contracting. Overall localistars is your chance to increase your income.

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    Keep the overview

    Find all the information in one place. No need to skim through endless lists of emails.


    New job opportunities


    Your language profile

    New job opportunities matching your language profile are waiting for you.



    You periodically receive notifications for new projects.


    Get paid

    You can easily withdraw your earnings from your organisation section.

    Get started

    It's very easy to start!
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    Sign up

    Complete the registration process by confirming your email address. Click on the link in the received email.


    Select your profile type

    You are looking for new translation jobs! Choose the "Translator" profile type.


    Update your personal profile

    To find a first translation job - fill your search criteria. Your language pairs.


    Having an organization

    Providing an organization is mandatory. A contract is legally between your organization and the service requesting organization.

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